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Suzuki Vl1500 Manual

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Complete service repair workshop manual for the: Suzuki VL1500 VL 1500 Intruder Boulevard C90 This is the same manual motorcycle dealerships use to repair your bike.

Clymer Motorcycle Repair Manual for Suzuki VL1500 Boulevard C90/T 05-07 and Suzuki VL1500 Intruder LC 98-05 (ZZ 4201-0217).

Suzuki Intruder 1500 Parts2005 Suzuki Vl1500 ManualSuzuki Vl1500 Manual

• VL1500B/T/BT OWNER’S MANUAL. • This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle and should remain with the motorcycle when resold or otherwise transferred to a new owner or operator. The manual contains important safety information and instructions which should be read carefully before operating the motorcycle. • Proper break-in operation during this time will help ensure maximum life and perfor- mance from your new motorcycle. Suzuki parts are manufactured of high quality mate- rials and machined parts are finished to close tolerances.

•  WARNING/ CAUTION/NOTICE/NOTE NOTICE Please read this manual and follow its instructions carefully. To emphasize special Indicates a potential hazard that could information, the symbol  and the words result in vehicle or equipment damage.

WARNING, CAUTION, NOTICE and NOTE have special meanings. • Therefore, your life for your motorcycle. Your authorized model may have different standard features Suzuki dealer has experienced technicians from those shown in this manual. That are trained to provide your machine with the best possible service with the right tools. • TABLE OF CONTENTS CONSUMER INFORMATION CONTROLS FUEL, OIL AND COOLANT RECOMMENDATIONS BREAK-IN (RUNNING-IN) AND INSPECTION BEFORE RIDING RIDING TIPS INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE TROUBLESHOOTING STORAGE PROCEDURE AND MOTORCYCLE CLEANING SPECIFICATIONS INDEX. • CONSUMER INFORMATION ACCESSORY USE AND MOTORCYCLE LOADING..1-2 SAFE RIDING RECOMMENDATION FOR MOTORCYCLE RIDERS..1-6 LABELS....1-8 SERIAL NUMBER LOCATION...1-8 NOISE CONTROL SYSTEM (AUSTRALIA ONLY).. • Install and use them accord- ing the accessories on your motorcycle and ing to their instructions.

If you have any consult your Suzuki dealer if you have any questions, contact your Suzuki dealer. • ACCESSORY INSTALLATION • Certain accessories displace the rider GUIDELINES from his or her normal riding position.

• Install aerodynamic-affecting accesso- This limits the freedom of movement of ries, such as a fairing, windshield, back- the rider and may limit his or her control rests, saddlebags, and travel trunks, as ability. • LOADING LIMIT • Never exceed the G. Eugene Hecht 4th Edition Solution Manual. V.W. (Gross Vehicle Weight) of this motorcycle. Is  WARNING the combined weight of the machine, accessories, payload, rider and passen- ger. When selecting your accessories, Overloading or improper loading can keep in mind the weight of the rider as cause loss of motorcycle control and an well as the weight of the accessories.

• LOADING GUIDELINES • Improperly loading your motorcycle can This motorcycle is primarily intended to reduce your ability to balance and steer carry small items when you are not riding the motorcycle. You should ride at with a passenger. Follow the loading guide- reduced speeds, less than 130 km/h (80 lines below: mph), when you are carrying cargo. • SAFE RIDING RECOMMENDATION FOR RIDING APPAREL Loose, fancy clothing can be uncomfortable MOTORCYCLE RIDERS and unsafe when riding your motorcycle. Motorcycle riding is great fun and an excit- Choose good quality motorcycle riding ing sport. Motorcycle riding also requires apparel when riding your motorcycle.

That some extra precautions be taken to ensure the safety of the rider and passen- INSPECTION BEFORE RIDING. • KNOW YOUR LIMITS RIDE DEFENSIVELY Ride within the boundaries of your own skill The most common type of motorcycle acci- at all times. Knowing these limits and stay- dent occurs when a car traveling towards a ing within them will help you to avoid acci- motorcycle turns round corner in front of the dents. • Make sure you understand all of the used to register the motorcycle. They are labels. Ford Lightning Manual.

Do not remove any labels from the also used to assist your authorized Suzuki motorcycle. Dealer when ordering parts or referring to special service information. • The frame number 1 is stamped on the steering head. The engine serial number 2 is stamped on the crankcase assembly. Please write down the numbers in the box provided below for your future reference. Frame number: Engine number. • NOISE CONTROL SYSTEM (AUSTRALIA ONLY) TAMPERING WITH NOISE CONTROL SYSTEM PROHIBITED Owners are warned that the law may pro- hibit: (a) The removal or rendering inoperative by any person other than for purposes of maintenance, repair or replacement, of any device or element of design incorpo- rated into any new vehicle for the pur- pose of noise control prior its sale or delivery to the ultimate purchaser.

• CONTROLS LOCATION OF PARTS...2-2 KEY....2-5 IGNITION SWITCH.... 2-5 STEERING LOCK....2-7 INSTRUMENT PANEL...2-8 LEFT HANDLEBAR...2-19 RIGHT HANDLEBAR...2-22 FUEL TANK CAP....2-26 GEARSHIFT LEVER...2-28 REAR BRAKE PEDAL...2-29 HELMET HOLDER.... • CONTROLS LOCATION OF PARTS VL1500B VL1500T/BT 1 Clutch lever 5 Right handlebar switches 2 Left handlebar switches 6 Throttle grip 3 Instrument panel 7 Front brake lever 4 Front brake fluid reservoir 8 Fuel tank cap. • VL1500B VL1500T/BT 9 Air cleaner G Engine oil filter 0 Spark plug H Footrests A Ignition switch I Engine oil filler cap B Tools J Side stand C Battery and Main fuse K Engine oil drain plug D Helmet holder L Speed sensor E Sidecase (VL1500T/BT) M Engine coolant reservoir. • VL1500B VL1500T/BT O Fuses P Rear brake fluid reservoir Q Steering lock R Rear brake light switch S Rear brake pedal. • IGNITION SWITCH This motorcycle comes equipped with a The ignition switch has 3 positions: main ignition key and a spare one. Keep the spare key in a safe place.