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Singer 300w Manual

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With sewing and embroidery together in one machine, you can transform even the most basic projects into your stitched masterpieces. Bonus items included. Jan 06, 2017  Double Needle Machine Uses (Singer 112G139 & 300W-1). The manual is of little use in keeping them sewing. Double Needle Machine Uses (Singer 112G139 & 300W-1).

Singer 300w Manual

I recently purchased a Consew 206RB-2 compound walking-foot sewing machine from a local shop which is selling some of their older machines. The shop also has an old Singer 112G139 (double needle, lock stitch, w/puller feed) and a Singer 300W-01 (double needle, chain stitch, w/puller feed) sewing machines for sale and I'm wondering if I should pick up one of these as well. Scc User Manual. My problem is I have no experience in sewing and know very little about sewing machines in general. This week I've spent considerable amount of time researching these machines on-line and have picked up a little knowledge about sewing in general. In a few years I plan to retire and am looking to pursue a hobby that will help me through these long, cold, and snowy Northern Michigan winters. I'm an outdoor enthusiast (fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, sailing) so I think it would be fun to make some of my own gear as well as re-upholster my car/boat seats and take on various canvas projects. I understand I have a long learning curve ahead of me, but as an computer engineer, I welcome the opportunity to learn and develop a new skill.

Singer 300w PartsSinger 300w Manual

At this point in time I'm only looking to do this as a hobby, but in the future if I become somewhat efficient, perhaps I might attempt to make some 'beer money' doing projects for others. For example, here's a list of items I would eventually like to make: A small quantity of leather items such as: knife sheaths, pistol holster, belts, leather carrying straps for wicker fishing creels, leather rifle sling, re-upholster a Ford truck bench seat using leather. Seat cushions, curtains, and various canvas items (biminis, awnings, dodger, covers) for a couple of sail boat restoration projects. Canvas gear bags with leather carrying straps. Winter canvas camping/hunting wall tent.

Heavy wool hunting jacket, anorak, and pants. A pair of extreme cold weather gauntlet mittens and mukluk's. I understand the Consew 206RB-2 sewing machine is probably all I need at the moment, but I'm wondering if picking up one of these double needle sewing machines for $300-$600 would be worth it and make my life easier for some future projects. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. The 300W class of machines are among my favorite of all time. They are a needle feed chainstitch that can be configured to sew with multiple needle gauges.

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They can handle a wide variety of operations depending on the need. I have at least 10 in operation. We use them for felling our heavy wool. As for leather, I have one that I set up with a speed reducer to sew chrome tanned leather for Navy issue welding jackets. We used Kevlar thread in T90 and I had to run the needle thread through a silicone dip. They have their design flaws, but easy enough to work around.

Regards, Eric. Thank you guys for the reply. After the last several weeks of studying sewing machines and sewing in general, whenever I pick up a piece of clothing or gear, I'll spend a bit of time to examine how its made and determine what type of stitching is used. Never done that before! I'm still doing a bit of research to understand the differences and applicability of the lock-stitch vs chain-stitch.

Which of these stitches would be more suitable for heavy canvas type work (for tents, boat covers, etc)? The Singer 300W chain-stitch machine is only a needle feed but it also does come with a roller feed mechanism. Would this work well for large canvas projects? MikeKratz, Although I would eventually love to be able to make my own sails, it's probably way too complex and complicated for a novice like myself.

In any case, your post got me thinking about maybe someday making sails for my sailboats. Would my Consew 206RB-2 machine be sufficient for sail making? If not, what stitch and feed type are preferable?

The 300W set up with either a 1/4' or 3/8' guage set, a full fell folder with your puller are ideal for making tents and tarps. No bobbin changes to worry about. The hardest part for a novice is learning how to set these beastly machines.

They are nothing like a lockstitch machine, not even close. There's an entire different theory for how they sew, how to set them and how to trouble shoot them. On a lighter note, of all the chainstitch machines on the planet, this is the machine I always start a new mechanic on since they are relatively open and easy to work on.