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Omni 3730 User Manual

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Read and Download Verifone Omni 3730 Manual Free Ebooks in PDF format PRINT & ONLINE FORD CAR REPAIR MANUALS - HAYNES PUBLISHING View and Download TSYS VeriFone Omni 3730/VX510 quick reference manual online. VeriFone Omni 3730/VX510 Touch terminals pdf manual download. Also for: Verifone omni 3730le/vx570, Verifone omni 3730le/vx510le, Verifone omni 3730le/vx610 seva3xx, Verifone omni 3740, Verifone omni 3750.

Polar Rab5 Manual. • TriCom The ID-eOmni Program Feature List Scan/swipe license (magnetic stripe, all tracks or barcode-1D and 2D Display errors or license holder name and age. User license expiration date option (automatically computed at download) Duplicate entry option Tagged entry option Receipt print/no print option. • Page 2 of 2 The ID-eOmni Program Feature List (continued) e. Change manager password f.

Change report password g. Receipt print h. Save transactions i. Duplicate entry warning option j. Tag option k.

Discount age l. “Check License” option for ages under 30 m.

Preview VeriFone Payment Terminal Vx510 User's Manual Online and Download PDF Manuals & Instructions for FREE from Manualagent. VeriFone Omni 3730 / Vx510 / Vx570 / Vx610. Title: file://C: GETI 2 Online Tech Manual VeriFone Vx download_commse Author: wdumont Created Date.


Harbortouch Support. Enter your search term here. Search Support Center Home Terminals Verifone. Verifone Omni 3730 Restaurant Quick Reference Guide. Modified on: Mon, 23 Jun, 2014 at 11:09 AM. Click Here if the Document Failed to Load. Did you find it helpful? Yes No Can you please tell us how we can improve this article? Related Articles Verifone Omni 3730.

• ALCOHOL- TOBACCO- MENU COUNT CHECK The ID-eOmni main menu displays today’s required date of birth for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco. Depressing the purple key directly below ID MENU, COUNT and CHECK(optional) will cause those functions to be performed (described separately herein). Depressing the F2 key directly across from CC will cause the credit card i.d. • audible alarm. The same display will appear if the license holder is under 18 (with 18 replacing 21 above.) INVALID XXX YYY - The ID-eOmni analyzes the details of the data contained on a license. This display is shown if any one of those analyses finds something invalid on the license. • MANUAL ENTRY TRANSACTION This transaction is used in the event that the barcode or magnetic stripe on the license in not readable or available.

If the F1 key to the right of this display is depressed, the following is displayed: LICENSE #? Enter the license number utilizing the ID3200 keypad.

• If DISPLAY is selected each saved record is displayed as follows: name address city, state license # expiration date date of birth EXIT NEXT Depressing the key below NEXT will cause the next saved record to be displayed. Depressing of the EXIT key will cause the following to be displayed: ‘BATCH DELETE?’. • ENTER PASSWORD The manager must enter the correct six-digit password followed by the ENTER key to continue.

If the correct password is entered, the information below will appear (The default password shipped with The ID-eOmni is “111111”.). In each case, if there is an option to change information, depression of the blue key directly below YES will allow new data entry. That information is entered from the keypad followed by the ENTER key which will cause the next item to be displayed. • (merchant phone #) Change? YES NO CANCEL Merchant phone entry/change CHANGE MANAGER PASSWORD?

Case 930 Manual. CANCEL This allows the manager to change the EDIT mode password from the default “111111” to something more personal and private. CHANGE REPORT PASSWORD? CANCEL The batch report function requires a password which may be different from the EDIT mode password. It’s default value when The ID-eOmni is shipped is “111111”. • CANCEL This allows the manager to set the age for senior discounts (usually applies to restaurants, etc.). If this feature is not desired, set the age to 99 (default from factory).

CHANGE DATE/TIME? CANCEL This function allows the manager to set the date and time in The ID-eOmni. This is only necessary if, for some reason, the date/time gets corrupted in the terminal. • Depressing the key below YES causes the ID-eOmni to dial a remote host computer for a new download of The ID-eOmni program. Please ensure that a telephone line is connected to the back of the ID-eOmni in the second telephone check from the left as you look at the back of the terminal. • If this option is enabled, depressing the key directly across from CC sets the ID-eOmni into Credit Card mode, meaning the very next swipe is assumed to be a credit card and the name and account number encoded on the card are displayed.

This feature provides a merchant with a second form of validation of identity. • Date of Birth: Jane Doe is 25 years of age. Optionally prints the following lines if applicable: ****HAPPY BIRTHDAY**** ****SENIOR DISCOUNT**** ******MINOR******* BATCH REPORT EXAMPLE _______________________ ****BATCH REPORT**** THE ID-EOMNI JOE’S MARKET 123 ANYSTREET ANYTOWN, CA 99999 555-128 DATE/TIME: 27 JANE DOE 444 ELM STREET. • (proceeds the same for each record in the batch) _______________________ TOTAL COUNT = 10 UNDER 21 COUNT = 2 UNDER 18 COUNT = 5 ****END OF BATCH**** 3. Check License Feature – If this feature is enabled and a license swipe license swipe results in an age less than thirty, The ID- eOmni will display “CHECK LICENSE PHOTO”.