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Nissan Wingroad 2002 Manual

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• 1 Answer SOURCE: I appreciate all of your help. I really do but your answers are not answering the question. The question is 'where is the fuse boxe DIAGRAM' I have located the fuse box but there is no diagram telling me what fuse does what.

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Nissan Wingroad 2002 ManualNissan Wingroad 2002 ManualNissan Wingroad 2002 Manual

The fuse box panel show each location of the fuse and designates a number to each fuse but I need to know what each number is designating. Chilton Manual Gmc 2018 Yukon Xl here. Which fuse controls the airconditioning; which fuse controls the lights; etc. Usually there is a decal on the panel that shows what each fuse controls and shows what the amps are.

I cannot find that decal. The Fusebox panel not the dash panel but the fusebox panel says 'see owner's manual' The owners manual cannot be located. Where on the internet can I find the diagram? Can you help me.

Thank you for you help. Posted on Aug 07, 2008. • 9 Answers SOURCE: 1-20amp-pwr outlet frt. Ok long shot here as i'm not sure 100% which year is which in all these models throughout the different countries, but a nissan wingroad station is also called a nissan sunny in the UK and many other names around the globe, but the most common name for this series is the Sentra. Same frame, same parts, just more sheet metal.

So this pic is for a 1997 sentra and should do the job if you fuse box resembles this. Note that this is the under dash fuse box, and not the under hood one. Fuse for lighter and horn is number 13, which is supposed to be a 15 amp fuse. Center row, 3rd from the top. Hope this helps!! If it's not the right model fuse box, let me and i'll keep looking deeper to try and find exact model.

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