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Huskee Push Mower Owners Manual

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Specification Description Power Type: Gas Brand: Huskee CARB Compliant: Yes Engine Type: PowerMore Cutting Width: 21 in. Displacement: 159 cc Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 qt. Warranty: 2-Year Limited Engine Make: Powermore Front Tire: 7 in. Maximum Deck Height: 3.75 in.

We're your best source for genuine MTD parts. MANUALS: Accept Credit Cards. MTD PRO - PUSH MOWER (01/07 - 11/07) 769-03096. I bought the Huskee Push Mower on September 2, 2011 on sale and had used it two times in September. I got it out in April and used it once.

Minimum Deck Height: 1.25 in. Mulch Kit: Included Number of Blade(s): 1 Product Height: 17.5 in.

Product Length: 36.56 in. Product Weight: 75 lbs. Product Width: 23.88 in. Rear Tire: 11 in. Starter Type: Pull/Recoil Product Type: Push Mowers Manufacturer Part Number 11A-B22J731. Rated 5 out of 5 by CESLLC from Powerful and affordable I have an older 20' push mower with a 3.5Hp Tecumseh engine, but the engine is getting tired, burning oil, and starting to knock. I wanted a new push mower that had 1) as much power as possible, 2) larger wheels, 3) side discharge.

This Huskee mower fit the bill and will mow thick grass that is 12' tall without stalling (although takes a couple passes to cut it all cleanly). It does not have the bulky plastic front piece that the cub cadet mowers have so it is more durable and easier to trim with the front of the mower.

I used the grass collector bag one time because I needed a small amount of clippings for another project. It would be useless unless you have a very small yard. It fills up in 100' of mowing in moderately tall grass. Also, the larger wheels are nice for rough or soft ground, but can get in the way some when trimming around trees/objects. My old mower with 7' wheels is slightly more handy in those situations. I only say this because it is one drawback to large wheels that I didn't think of until I used this mower.

Rated 5 out of 5 by TheBumbleMag from DO IT! Finally had enough of my old mower refusing to start, dying in the middle of jobs and generally being a nuisance. I was going to go with another make/model available at Tractor Supply then changed my mind when I saw the price difference. I've got to say I am very happy with that decision. The only differences between this mower and the other are 10CC (149 for the Huskee versus 159 for the other), the Huskee is not 'self propelled', and a big chunk of cash. My old mower was self propelled and we all know what a joke that really is anyway, so since I have a relatively gentle slop to the yard I figured I could do without 'self propelled' anyway. Opened up the box and had the mower assembled and started in less than 10 minutes.

Started on the very first pull, the mower I replaced didn't start that easy brand new out of the box! My grass had really gotten high since my other mower died so I did a pass at the highest setting. Ih 706 Parts Manual. The Huskee didn't stumble or stutter, simply powered through it like a hot knife through butter. I lowered it a notch and did the rest of the 1/2 acre yard with ease. This mower is so light and easy to use I'd almost say it's a pleasure to mow with but I think that might be stretching a little. If you're on the fence at all, I say give the Huskee a chance to impress you, it certainly did me!

Rated 5 out of 5 by BajaRon from Great Bang for the Buck! I just purchased this mower at TSC. I've read all the reviews here and several of the negative reviews are not even this model mower! Self propelled? Not this machine! The mower I purchased is this model exactly!

It had been sitting a the TSC store for a long time (according to the manager). It had been serviced when it first arrived but had never been started, ever. The reason I know this is the handle had not been assembled.

In shipping configuration the lower portion of the handle extends into the blade area. If someone had even attempted to pull the starter cord the blades would have hit the handle and left marks at the very least. I'd guess the fuel was probably a year old! Ethanol fuel in small engines can be a killer. ALWAYS USE NON-ETHANOL Fuel in your mowers, blowers, chainsaws, etc.

It will save you a lot of grief! 90% or better of the hard starting mower issues are caused by ethanol fuel. It attracts water and starts to go bad in just a few weeks. Anyway, the manager pulled on the cord several times but nothing happened. He gave me a hefty discount and I took it home. I didn't even change the old fuel.

I added some SeaFoam fuel conditioner, sprayed a bit of starter fluid into the intake and it fired right up! I mowed with it for about 45 minutes and it never missed a beat. Next day it fired right up 1st pull. I put fresh, non-ethanol fuel in it and took it to my sons house. Mostly tall, thick weeds that he calls a 'lawn'.

Fired right up 1st pull and didn't mind getting shoved through my son's weed patch. Easy start, great power and a good finish to whatever we mowed. Long term, we'll see. But so far it's a winner!

I'd buy another one at the retail price.