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Huskee 42 16 Manual

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Huskee 42 16 ManualHuskee Lt4200 Manual Free

The 500cc 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt Engine on the Huskee LT42 Riding Mower ensures you have the power to mow even tough lawns easily and quickly. • RMC Reverse Mowing Control allows for mowing in forward or reverse until the operator leaves the riding lawn tractor, turns the key back to normal or turns off the engine • 7-speed transmission allows for effortless speed changes without stopping • 42 in. Cutting deck offers improved air flow and increased vacuum force for optimal cut quality • Up to 1 acre/flat terrain • Low-Back seat 2 year limited warranty. Rated 1 out of 5 by JD57 from Dont buy I purchased a month ago. The one I picked at the store would not start.

Huskee 42 Mower

Dead battery. The other one would not run but the Manager told me its 'just out of gas' Got it home and put in fresh gas.

42 16 V Pill

Does not run. Crank and barely runs for 3 seconds. Crank and crank and crank for another 3 seconds of rough idle.

If ordering parts from a manual downloaded at this site, the customer is responsible for selecting the correct manual and parts. No refunds will be made for shipping and handling charges. Deck Cutting Width: 42 Inches. 1990 Mercury Black Max 150 Owners Manual there. Manual Form Number Download. Lawn Mower Repairs: Order MTD Lawn Mower Parts for Repairs.

Again and again.After half hour of trying to start the battery is now dead. I returned the tractor to the store for a refund. If I am having so much trouble getting a brand new mower to start, I can only imagine the problems to come.

Original review: May 20, 2018 Can believe all the bad reviews I'm reading. I bought my Huskee LT 4200 riding mower from TSC when we purchased our house with 1 1/2 acres in 2013. Since then the only thing I've had to do is change belts, blades and make an adjustment on drive belt tension. So not only do I use it to mow I also use it to pull a yard sweeper and a trailer and plowed snow with it one winter. Yeah there are better mowers but at the time I just bought a house and didn't have much money to work with.

This mower has been trouble free for me going on 5 yrs and still going strong. Wish I could find a deck wheel kit for it though. Original review: May 15, 2018 Thank you Tractor Supply for selling me the Huskee riding mower from hell. I am starting my fourth year of owning this piece of garbage. The first year I mowed twice and finished the season with my electric mower. Battery kept dying.

Then the belt kept on coming off. I have had no less than 9 different mechanics tighten, replace the belt. For years we can mow about three rows before we have to put the belt back on. I'm a single mom with a daughter. And yes I thought this would make it easier. Original review: Aug. 1, 2017 I wished that I had read these reviews before I purchased my Lt4200 Huskee.

I purchased in the spring of 2016 and have had problems ever since. It's a good thing that I did not get rid of my hand mower. Being a female, I thought that it was a good idea to get a riding mower; thinking it would be easier and that I could cut my grass in no time. Well, that's not the case.

When I stop and change to reverse it shuts off. If I turn it off after cutting just a few feet it will not cut back on.

I recently purchase a new battery because it would not start up this season. Well, it started and I am having the same problem. Original review: June 1, 2017 This Huskee 54 inch cutting deck has been a very expensive mower to own.

I have it in the shop often, including twice so far in 2017, and I have to send it in again. This time one of my front wheels is out of control and I barely got it back in the shed. I had to manually turn the wheel several times to move it in there. The belt is always coming off. I was so mad when the shop put the cover plate on with nuts and bolts, only to have the belt come off a couple of minutes after it was delivered. Don't bother, as it just takes more time to put on the belt several times as I mow. The steering has gone out at least three times.

I was dropped twice this year as the wheel took off. Broken pin, and then bent pin the next time. The spindles are very expensive.

Original review: May 17, 2017 Bought Huskee mower new at Tractor Supply in May 2016. In July the engine blew. Huskee replaced the engine under warranty and mowed the short rest of season. Was serviced and parked for the winter. Took it out of storage to mow this year and never made a single round. Factory would not replace this year.

Will not buy another mower with that engine. BTW the authorized service shop did say that they could replace the motor for almost $900. No way in hell am I gonna spend that kind of money for another engine that will most probably die in less than a year. Not happy with Huskee or Tractor Supply. Original review: Sept.

9, 2016 Wish I had never bought this mower. Tractor Supply the only authorized dealer for parts for Huskee mowers. The one in Paducah, KY never has the parts I need when I need them. Ya, can order but no help when I need it now.

Transmission belt broke. The manual states that authorized has to replace and special tool needed. It's an ok mower when it's not broke down. Also not built for short people. The safety on the seat has to be disengaged because the mower will not run when I push the pedal because I don't have enough ass to hold down the seat and pedal. Nastran 2017 Manual here. Original review: Aug.

24, 2015 Riding Lawn Mower LT4200 42 in - Bought a riding lawnmower cash for my 112 year old son for his birthday because that is what he wanted due to him cutting lawns around the neighborhood and at our ranch. He has put a total of 3 hours on this mower and due to bad craftsmanship, the cotter pin that holds the deck broke thus dropping the deck and bending the blade. It has been in the shop since this occurred and we still have not had it repaired (still in the shop).