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Freeman Genetics Problem Solving Manual

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The Hutterites are a religious branch of Anabaptists who live on communal farms in the prairie states and provinces of North America. A small number of founders, coupled with a tendency to intermarry, has resulted in a high frequency of the mutation for Bowen–Conradi syndrome among Hutterites. Bowen–Conradi syndrome results from defective ribosome biosynthesis, affecting the process of translation. [Kevin Fleming/Corbis.] The Genetic Code and Translation15 Hundreds of self-graded end-of-chapter practice problems allow students to fill in Punnett Squares, construct genetic maps, and cal- culate probabilities in multiple-choice versions. Step-by-step problem-solving videos walk through the specific pro- cess to solve select problems. Animations and activities to help students visualize genetics.

A personalized calendar, an announcement center, and communi- cation tools all in one place to help instructors manage the course. ■ ■ ■ ■ xixPreface GeneticsPortal also includes the fully interactive eBook and all of the Student and Instructor Resources that are on the Book Companion Website. The GeneticsPortal is included with all new copies of the fourth edition of Genetics: A Conceptual Approach. EBook The eBook is a completely integrated electronic version of the textbook—the ultimate hybrid of textbook and media.

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Prob- lems and resources from the printed textbook are incorporated throughout the eBook along with Check Your Understanding questions that are linked to specific sections of the textbook, to ensure that students can easily review specific concepts. The eBook is available as a stand-alone textbook (sold for approxi- mately 60% of the retail price of the printed textbook) or pack- aged with the printed textbook at a discounted rate. The eBook enables students to: Access the complete book and its electronic study tools from any internet-connected computer by using a standard Web browser; Navigate quickly to any section or subsection of the book or any page number of the printed book; Add their own bookmarks, notes, and highlighting; Access all the fully integrated media resources associated with the book, including the Interac- tive Animations and the Problem-Solving Videos (described on p.

Xx); Review quizzes and personal notes to help prepare for exams; and Search the entire eBook instantly, including the index and spoken glossary. Instructors teaching from the eBook can assign either the entire textbook or a custom version that includes only the chapters that correspond to their syllabi. They can choose to add notes to any page of the eBook and share these notes with their students. These notes may include text, Web links, animations, or photographs. Also available is a CourseSmart eBook.

Instructor Resources Instructors are provided with a comprehensive set of teaching tools, carefully developed to sup- port lecture and individual teaching styles. On the Book Companion Site All Textbook Images and Tables are offered as high-resolution JPEG files in PowerPoint. Each image has been fully optimized to increase type sizes and adjust color saturation. Honeywell Udc1200 Micro Pro Manual. These ima- ges have been tested in a large lecture hall to ensure maximum clarity and visibility. Layered or Active PowerPoints deconstruct key concepts, sequences, and processes, step-by-step in a visual format, allowing instructors to present complex ideas in clear, manageable chunks.

Clicker Questions allow instructors to integrate active learning in the classroom and to assess students’ understanding of key concepts during lectures. Available in Microsoft Word and Power- Point, numerous questions are based on the Concepts Check questions featured in the textbook. The Test Bank has been prepared by Brian W. Schwartz, Columbus State University; Bradley Hersh, Allegheny College; Paul K. Small, Eureka College; Gregory Copenhaver, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Rodney Mauricio, University of Georgia; and Ravinshankar Palanivelu, University of Arizona. It contains 50 questions per chapter, including multiple- choice, true-or-false, and short-answer questions, and has been updated for the fourth edition with new problems. The Test Bank is available on the Instructor’s Resource DVD as well as on the Book Companion Site as chapter-by-chapter Microsoft Word files that are easy to down- load, edit, and print.

A computerized test bank also is available. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ eBook xx Preface Lecture Connection PowerPoint Presentations for each chapter have been developed to minimize preparation time for new users of the book. These files offer suggested lectures including key illustrations and summaries that instructors can adapt to their teaching styles. The Solution and Problem-Solving Manual (described below) is available to download as pdf files. The Instructor’s Resource DVD contains all of the resources on the Book Companion Site, including text images in PowerPoint slides and as high-resolution JPEG files, all animations, the Solutions and Problem-Solving Manual, and the Test Bank in Microsoft Word format. Blackboard and WebCT cartridges are available and include the Test Bank and end-of-chap- ter questions in multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank format. The most popular images in the textbook are also available as Overhead Transparencies, which have been optimized for maximum visibility in large lecture halls.