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Ford Laser Kn 2015 User Manual

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I've had my 1999 1.6L KN since new and I can't think of a car that could have got me to and from work the whole time any more reliably. It has 212000 on the clock now, original clutch, shocks and almost everything else you can think of. Excellent heater, A/C, (Never been regassed) and reasonable fuel economy (7.0 on the open road, around 8.5 around town).A inlet manifold exhaust sensor was changed because of rough running early on but that was the ONLY part I've had to replaced that wouldn't normally have to be replaced after a reasonable time.(Leads,coils, belts,timing belts etc.) Plan to keep the little Laser for a while yet! I bought this car in January 2014. It's a 1.6 litre 4 speed auto. One owner with 105,000 klm on the clock. In May 2014 I got the timing belt replaced.

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The odometer is showing 122,400klms. Mack 460 Service Manual. I've neglected to have the car serviced since until now. The current service included replacing two tyres and a much needed wheel alignment. The car is booked soon to have an engine mount, and two drive belts replaced. Later on I'll have replaced, the front shockers and the worn front suspension lower control arm bushes.

The last two jobs are going to be quite expensive. In spite of that I like driving this car and is loathe to part with it. It is reliable and quite economical. The seating comfort could have done with more effort though. Overall, it handles well and gets me from A to B every time.

I installed a blind spot mirror early on though. The driver door actuator broke down nearly a year ago, which is another job on the list. Getting back to the fuel economy, my stats for its first year. 9700klms burning 847 litres with an average of 8.7/100klm.

I noticed it runs better on 98 octane. I intend to do a round trip to Canberra soon, so I'll be looking at its performance and economy carefully. My guess it that it will get me to Canberra on one tank comfortably. The car has the original audio system which includes a 6 CD changer under the passenger seat. The system doesn't have a USB socket unlike its Mazda equivalent. The volume control knob has lost a bit of its control. I may replace the system soon with one with all the bells and whistles.

The clear coat on the roof is peeling away, so that will need attention before long. I am looking forward to many years of good motoring with this dandy little car. 5/1/2016 - I drove the car to canberra and back on the Christmas long weekend. It ran very well.

The repairs to the suspension will have to wait after I've paid the registration this month. The front end will still have to wait a while. Today I had the KMart $209 service like last time. Other problems had popped up since the last service. The engine had been running rough at times, sometimes stalling.

Sometimes I smelt fuel. A new set of leads, plugs and coil pack was required. The mechanic cleaned up the intake area which was part of the problem.

Brake fluid needed flushing as well. In the wings is a throttle body service, new centre stop light, battery, transmission service and other stuff. All up another $3200 worth. The KMart centre recommended changing the sump gasket due to it being 'damp' at a cost of $346. Argos Circuit Breaker Instruction Manual. The seal is not leaking and I'm led to believe by an experienced mechanic that this 'damp' aspect is normal. 20th October 2016.

Car returned after a few days in repair at Bendigo. My experienced mechanic mate attended to a few important issues. He replaced the front shockers, fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter and battery. The brake pads got a makeover and cleaned the throttle body. The front suspension was fixed up properly with new bushes and a wheel alignment. There's still a few other jobs needed such a transmission service and fix a minor knock of the rear stabiliser, which needs replacing. The car runs much better now with improved handling and braking.