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Etec 101 Lab Manual

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• 40/50/60 HORSEPOWER EL, PL. • • No Electrical Current Draw in Key Off Mode • Digital Diagnostics • Ultra Low Oil Usage Durable and Reliable • Full Corrosion Protection • Evinrude E-TEC Lubrication System • Auto-Calibrated Linkage • Heavy-Duty Use Design • Posi-Lock Latches • Digital Diagnostics •. • We, as a company, are proud you have purchased this technology-leading Evinrude E-TEC outboard engine. We thank you for your business and wish you many years of enjoyable use. Happy Boating. • About This Guide.6 Important Safety Messages.7 E-TEC O VINRUDE. • AINTENANCE Engine Emissions Information.36 Maintenance Schedule.37 Storage.

• Guide should be forwarded to the new ucts (BRP) has identified key information that owners. Is essential to the operation of your Evinrude E-TEC outboard. A responsible, educated boater will fully ap- preciate the pleasures of boating and will be a safe boater. • MPORTANT AFETY ESSAGES IMPORTANT SAFETY MESSAGES This Operator’s Guide contains essential in- All safety equipment and personal formation to help prevent personal injury and floatation devices must be in good con- damage to equipment. 2001 Proton Waja Owners Manual here. Safety messages ap- dition and suitable for your type of boat.

Etec 101 Lab ManualEtec 101 Lab ManualBiology Lab Manual

Pear throughout this Guide in the applicable Always comply with the regulations that section. • If you are not ex- be obtained from your authorized perienced in the operation of a high per- Evinrude/Johnson Dealer. In many in- formance boat, do not attempt to stances proper tools and training are re- operate one at, or near, its top speed un- quired for certain service or repair til you have gained that experience.

2018 Evinrude Etec 40 hp manual eBook Downloads. 2018 Evinrude Etec 40 hp manual free PDF ebook downloads. Nissan Ud 400 Engine Repair Manual. EBooks and manuals for Business. Lab Manual For Foods.pdf. Chemistry 101 Page 1 of 191 Applied Chemistry Chemistry 101 Laboratory Manual. ETEC 101: AC/DC Electronics with Lab. 1 Lab) F This is an examination of the principles and techniques of basic electrical concepts.

Etec 101 Lab Manual

• BRP offers technical literature specifically for your outboard. A service manual, a parts cata- log, or an extra Operator’s Guide can be purchased from your selling Dealer. For the name and location of the nearest Evinrude Dealer in the United States and Canada visit • USING YOUR EVINRUDE E-TEC OUTBOARD USING YOUR E-TEC OUTBOARD.

• Using Your E-TEC Outboard COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION Item Description Item Description Air Inlet, Tilt Handle Battery Cables Water Pump Indicator, Flushing Port Fuel Fitting Engine Cover Latch Tilt Support Anti-Corrosion Anodes Water Intake Screens. • OMPONENT DENTIFICATION Starboard Port Item Description Item Description Fuel Filter Air Silencer Spark Plugs Trailering Tilt Switch (Power Models only) Engine Cover Latch Oil Fill Cap Flywheel Guard Oil Tank Fuse EMM (Engine Management Module) Spare Fuse. • Refer to the Routine Inspection Checklist on page 34 for pre-launch checks before us- DANGER ing your Evinrude E-TEC outboard. DO NOT run the engine indoors or You MUST supply water to the engine before without adequate ventilation or permit attempting to start it.

• TARTING TOPPING HIFTING Move the remote control handle to NEU- IMPORTANT: The starter motor can be dam- TRAL. Aged if operated continuously for more than 20 seconds. Upon start-up, release the key. If the engine did not start, release the key mo- mentarily, then try again. • Using Your E-TEC Outboard SHIFTING AND SPEED CONTROL IMPORTANT: When shifting from FOR- WARD to REVERSE or from REVERSE to FORWARD, pause at NEUTRAL until the en- IMPORTANT: Carefully check the function of gine is at idle speed and the boat has slowed. • If the “LOW OIL” warning light illuminates, you have approximately five hours of normal operation before running out of oil when us- ing TC-W3RL oil.

If using Evinrude/Johnson XD100 ™ oil, you have approximately ten hours of normal operation remaining. Refill the onboard oil tank at next convenient op- portunity. • Using Your E-TEC Outboard OIL REQUIREMENTS FUEL REQUIREMENTS WARNING The following outboard oils are recommend- ed for use in your Evinrude E-TEC outboard: Gasoline is extremely flammable and • Evinrude/Johnson XD100; highly explosive under certain condi- • Evinrude/Johnson XD50 ™; or tions. • Fasten hose securely with BRP approves only Evinrude 2+4® fuel con- clamp (18.5 mm) from owner’s kit. Ditioner fuel additive for use in your Evinrude E-TEC outboard.

Use of other fuel additives can result in poor performance or engine damage. • Using Your E-TEC Outboard INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS ENGINE MONITORING CAUTION IMPORTANT: Your outboard must equipped with the SystemCheck engine mon- In the S.A.F.E. Mode, the engine speed itor. Operating your outboard without the Sys- is limited.

Under certain conditions, the temCheck engine monitor will void your engine’s limited speed may reduce. • • Fill the oil tank with recommended oil as soon as possible to avoid emptying the tank. The outboard has approximately five hours (ten hours if using Action Evinrude/Johnson XD100 oil) of normal running time before “NO OIL” condi- tion occurs. Refer to Filling the Oil Tank on page 17. • Using Your E-TEC Outboard ENGINE OVERHEATING To RESET the system: IMPORTANT: Do not run your outboard— even for a brief start-up—without supplying • The engine must be shut off and the cooling water to it. Refer to Flushing on page 38. • ONTROLS REMOTE CONTROLS WARNING If you choose a non- Evinrude remote control, it must have a start-in-gear prevention feature.

This feature can prevent injuries resulting from unexpected boat movement when the engine starts. IMPORTANT: When selecting the remote control system for your boat, specify Evinrude com- ponents. • Using Your E-TEC Outboard Emergency Stop/Key Switch WARNING A combination emergency stop switch and key switch is a feature of Evinrude prewired Always use the safety lanyard when remote controls and all Evinrude control wir- operating your boat to help prevent a ing kits. • PERATION OPERATION POWER TRIM AND TILT Manual Release If needed, the outboard will tilt up or down manually, using the manual release screw. WARNING Any malfunction of the power trim and WARNING tilt unit could result in loss of shock absorber protection if an underwater Keep everyone clear of a tilted out- obstruction is hit. • Using Your E-TEC Outboard Power Trim and Tilt Models Manual Tilt Models IMPORTANT: Some boats plow, or are diffi- cult to plane, when operated in the trim’s low- WARNING est position. If your boat handles unsuitably when trimmed fully bow-down, set the angle.