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Decision Maker 550 Controller Manual

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• Operation Marine Generator Sets Models: 33EFOZ/40EOZ 40EFOZ/50EOZ 55EFOZ/65EOZ 70EFOZ/80EOZ 80EFOZ/99EOZ 100EFOZ/125EOZ 125EFOZ/150EOZ TP-6109 6/03c. • California Proposition 65 WARNING Engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Product Identification Information Product identification numbers determine service parts. Engine Identification Record the product identification numbers in the spaces Record the product identification information from the below immediately after unpacking the products so that engine nameplate. • Table of Contents Product Information..inside front cover Safety Precautions and Instructions. • 3.5.4 Exterior..3.5.5 Battery.

• Safety Precautions and Instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY Accidental Starting Battery electrolyte is a diluted INSTRUCTIONS. Electromechanical sulfuric acid. Battery acid can cause equipment, including generator sets, severe injury or death. Battery acid WARNING transfer switches, switchgear, and can cause blindness and burn skin. Accessories, can cause bodily harm Always wear. • Battery short circuits.

Explosion Combustible materials. A fire can Copper tubing exhaust systems. Cause severe injury or death. Carbon monoxide can cause severe can cause severe injury or death. Nausea, fainting, or death. Do not Generator set engine fuels and fuel Short circuits can cause bodily injury use copper tubing in diesel exhaust vapors are flammable and explosive.

Decision-Maker® 550; Email. EMAIL THIS PAGE Product Detail Page Your Email * Recipient(s) Email * If sending to multiple people, separate addresses by comma. Controller Specification Sheet - g6046.pdf; All Documents; Related Equipment. This product is best suited with these. Fast-Response II Industrial Generator Sets Models: 20ROZJB 20--230REOZJB Controllers: Decision-Maker 550 Decision-Maker 3+ Decision-Maker 1 TP-6146 10/01.

Generator Set Controller Kohler Decision-Maker 550 Controller Software (Code) Version 2.10 or higher General Description and Function The Decision-Maker 550 generator set controller provides. Decision-Maker® 550. Decision-Maker® 550. Total System Integration; Products. Diesel Generators. Controller Specification Sheet - g6046.pdf; All. Generator Set Controller Kohler Decision-Maker 550 Controller Software (Code) Version 2.10 or higher General Description and Function The Decision-Maker 550 generator set controller provides.

• Fuel System Pipe sealant. Explosive fuel vapors Hazardous Voltage/ can cause severe injury or death. Electrical Shock Fuel leakage can cause an explosion. WARNING Use pipe sealant on all threaded fittings WARNING to prevent fuel leakage. Use pipe sealant that resists gasoline, grease, lubrication oil, common bilge solvents, salt deposits, and water. • Disconnecting the electrical load.

Decision Maker 550 Controller ManualDecision Maker 550 Controller Manual

Electrical backfeed to the utility. WARNING Hazardous voltage cause Hazardous backfeed voltage can cause severe injury or death. Severe injury or death. Disconnect Connect the generator set to the the generator set from the load by building/marina electrical system only opening the line circuit breaker or by through an approved device and after. • Sound shield removal. Exposed NOTICE WARNING moving parts can cause severe When replacing hardware, do not injury or death.

The generator set substitute with inferior grade must be operating in order to perform hardware. Screws and nuts are some scheduled maintenance available in different hardness ratings. • Notes Safety Precautions and Instructions TP-6109 6/03. • Information in this publication represents data available at the time of print.

Kohler Decision Maker Modbus RegistersDecision Maker 3+ Manual

Reserves the right to change this publication and the products represented Before installing a marine generator set, obtain the. • Obtain a complete list of maintenance and service parts from your authorized generator distributor/dealer. Models 40EOZ/ 50EOZ/ 65EOZ/ 80EOZ/ 99EOZ/ 125EOZ/ 150EOZ/ 33EFOZ 40EFOZ 55EFOZ 70EFOZ 80EFOZ 100EFOZ 125EFOZ Part Description Air Filter Element GM15397 GM15397 GM15397 GM15398 GM15398. • Section 1 Specifications 1.1 Introduction and 200--300% for the duration of the short circuit. The SCR assembly sends full exciter power to the main field The specification sheets for each generator set provide and the generator sustains up to 300% of rated current. Specific generator and engine information. • 1.3 Service Views ADV-6581A- 1.

Nameplate 15. Pressure cap 2. Controller (Decision-Makert I expanded controller shown) 16. Overflow tube 17. Heat exchanger 3. Generator set master switch 4. Hourmeter 18.

Anticorrosion zinc anode 5. Air cleaner 19. Fuel injection pump 6. Ten Tec 1054 Manual. • 1.4 Remote Annunciator Kit A remote annunciator provides convenient monitoring of the generator set’s condition from a remote location.

See Figure 1-3. The remote annunciator includes an alarm horn, alarm silence switch, lamp test, and the same lamp indicators (except air damper and auxiliary X-796 prealarm) as the microprocessor controller, plus the Figure 1-4 Safeguard Breaker. • Notes Section 1 Specifications TP-6109 6/03. • Drive Belts.

Check the belt condition and tension of the 2.2 Marine Inspection water pump and battery charging alternator belt. Recommends that all boat owners have their Exhaust System. Check for exhaust leaks and vessels—especially the exhaust system attached to the blockages. • 2.5 Exercising the Generator Set 2.6 Decision-Maker 3+, 16-Light Microprocessor Controller Operate the generator set under load once each week Operation for one hour with an operator present. The Decision-Makert 3+, 16-light microprocessor The operator should perform all of the prestart checks controller has a prime power mode of operation. • 2.6.1 Controls and Indicators Lamp test switch Switch tests the controller indicator lamps. The following table describes the controls and indicators Low oil pressure Lamp illuminates if the generator located on the controller.

Lamp set shuts down because of low oil pressure. • 2.6.2 Fuses and Terminal Strips Name Description Auxiliary prealarm Lamp illuminates when The following table describes the controller circuit board lamp customer-provided sensing fuses and controller terminal strips. Devices activate the pump.

Emergency stop Lamp illuminates and the Name Description lamp generator set shuts down when 3-amp remote. • 2.6.3 Auxiliary Fault Lamp Conditions Emergency Stop Switch Reset.

Resetting the optional emergency stop switch while the generator set The following descriptions define the possible auxiliary master switch is in the AUTO or RUN position causes fault lamp conditions. The auxiliary lamp to light. Place the generator set master switch in the OFF/RESET position to clear the auxiliary lamp ON condition. • 2.6.4 Starting the Generator Set 2.6.5 Stopping the Generator Set The following procedures describe starting the The following procedures describe stopping the generator set. Generator set.

Local Starting (Nonautomatic). Move the generator Normal Stopping set master switch to the RUN position to start the 1. • 2.6.6 Prime Power Mode Operation 2.6.7 Fault Shutdowns The Decision-Makert 3+ controller operates in either The generator set shuts down automatically under the the normal mode or the prime power mode. In prime following fault conditions and cannot be restarted until power mode, the controller draws less current, the fault condition is corrected. • 2.6.8 Controller Resetting Procedure 2.6.9 Resetting the Emergency Stop (Following Fault Shutdown) Switch Use the following procedure to restart the generator set Use the following procedure to restart the generator set after a fault shutdown. Refer to Resetting the after an emergency stop switch shutdown.

Refer to the Emergency Stop Switch in this section to reset the Controller Resetting Procedure in this section to restart generator set after an emergency stop. • 2.7 Expanded Decision-Makert 1 Controller Operation For identification of the expanded controller’s indicators and controls and their functions, refer to Figure 2-4. ADV-5849E-B 1. Frequency meter 8. Voltage adjustment potentiometer 2.