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American Standard Gold Xm Control Manual

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• ACONT800 Series Touch Screen Programmable Comfort Control OWNER’S GUIDE 69-1789-05. • Contents Features....3 Home Screen...4 Programming Your Heating and Cooling Schedule.. 6 Operating Your Comfort Control...16 Replacing Your Batteries... 23 Cleaning Your Comfort Control Screen..28 Reading Your Outdoor Temperature (Select Models)..29 Reading Your Remote Indoor Temperature (Select Models)..30 Reading Your Inside Humidity Level (Select Models).. • Features • Large, Clear Display with Backlighting—current temperature, set temperature and time are easy to read and all are displayed on the home screen.

Find helpful information on the Gold 803 Control - the touch-screen thermostat available from American Standard. Our programmable, touch-screen thermostat helps you control the heating and cooling in your home while reducing energy costs. American Standard Thermostat Controls Whether you are looking for a seven-day programmable thermostat, a fully automated digital control or a standard easy to use thermostat, American Standard temperature controls give you precise control.

• Menu Driven Programming—Guides you through the scheduling process, showing only necessary information and choices on each screen. • Home Screen Key Description UP ARROW SELECTS ON/AUTO/CIRC RAISES TEMPERATURE SETTING Inside Set To AUTO SYSTEM DOWN ARROW Following SYSTEM SELECTS EM. HEAT/HEAT/OFF/COOL/AUTO LOWERS TEMPERATURE SETTING Schedule HEAT MORE (SELECT MODELS) SCHED HOLD CLOCK SCREEN MORE SHOWS ADDITIONAL SYSTEM INFORMATION SCHED SCREEN ENTERS SCHEDULING MODE. • Display Description INSIDE TEMPERATURE SHOWS CURRENT DAY OF THE WEEK SHOWS THE CURRENT INSIDE TEMPERATURE SET TO TEMPERATURE SHOWS THE CURRENT SET TEMPERATURE SHOWS FAN SETTING Inside Set To AUTO SYSTEM Following SYSTEM SHOWS CURRENT SYSTEM POSITION Schedule FOLLOWING SCHEDULE HEAT SHOWS THE THERMOSTAT IS FOLLOWING THE PROGRAMMED. • Programming Your Heating and Cooling Schedule Your comfort control can control up to four different schedule periods per day: Wake—Period when you awaken and want your home at a comfortable temperature. Leave—Period when you are away from home and want an energy-saving temperature. Return—Period when you return home and want your home back to a comfortable temperature.

American Standard Gold Xm Control Manual

Energy Star Default Program Settings. Setpoints Schedule Period Time Heat Cool Fan Setting Wake 6:00AM 70°F (21°C) 78°F (25. Advanced Semiconductor Fundamentals Pierret Solution Manual. 5°C) Auto Leave 8:00AM 62°F (16.5°C) 85°F (29.5°C) Auto Return 6:00PM 70°F (21°C) 78°F (25.5°C) Auto Sleep 10:00PM 62°F (16.5°C) 82°F (28°C) Auto 69-1789—05. • Editing Schedule 1. Press Sched key. Inside Set To AUTO Following SYSTEM Schedule HEAT SCHED HOLD CLOCK SCREEN M224—05.

Press Edit key. OK TO PICK MULTIPLE DAYS SCREEN LOCKED Inside Set To HEAT AUTO CANCEL Following SYSTEM Schedule PERIOD EM HEAT HEAT COOL COOL AUTO SCHED SCHED HOLD HOLD CLOCK SCREEN DONE WAKE LEAVE RETURN SLEEP CANCEL EDIT M225—05. It is OK to pick multiple days. Select any combination of days to edit. These days are scheduled with the same times and temperatures. Check marks appear next to days selected.

OK TO PICK MULTIPLE DAYS HEAT AUTO CIRC CANCEL PERIOD COOL. When complete, press Done key. “Saving Changes” appears on the screen to indicate changes are being saved to the day(s) modified. SAVING CHANGES M19956 NOTE: To set a Program Schedule for the remaining days of the week, repeat steps 1-9. Example: If Mon - Fri was selected first, go back and repeat steps 1-9 for Sat and Sun.

• Cancelling a Schedule Period NOTE: You may want to cancel a period to match your lifestyle; for example, if someone is always home during the day on Tuesday, you can cancel the Leave and Return periods (the comfort control would then control to the Wake temperature until the Sleep period). Press Cancel Period key.

OK TO PICK MULTIPLE DAYS SCREEN LOCKED Inside Set To HEAT AUTO CANCEL Following SYSTEM Schedule PERIOD EM HEAT HEAT COOL COOL AUTO SCHED SCHED HOLD HOLD CLOCK SCREEN DONE WAKE LEAVE RETURN SLEEP CANCEL M224—05. • NOTE: Note that the time, temperature(s) and fan setting disappear. The bar above the selected period is removed, indicating the scheduled period was cancelled. To reinstate a schedule period, press arrow keys to set desired time and temperatures.

OK TO PICK MULTIPLE DAYS HEAT COOL DONE. • Setting Time 1. Use arrows to set current time. DONE CANCEL M19958 3. Press Done key. IMPORTANT The current day of the week should already be set correctly.

If not, see advanced settings to set the day. • Operating Your Comfort Control Setting Fan and System Keys SETTING FAN KEY The Fan key selections vary based on your heating and/or cooling system type. On — fan runs continuously. Use this setting for improved air circulation or for more efficient central air cleaning. • Setting Temperature Overrides Your comfort control has three temperature override options: Hold Temperature Until, Permanent Hold and Vacation Hold.

HOLD TEMPERATURE UNTIL (TEMPORARY HOLD) Holds temperature temporarily until the next scheduled period time or until the time the user sets. • Inside Set To AUTO SYSTEM Hold Temperature HEAT Until SCHED HOLD CLOCK SCREEN CANCEL M19959 3. Press the Cancel or Sched key to cancel “Hold Temperature Until” and resume schedule. NOTE: Once “Hold Temperature Until” time is reached, the comfort control shows “Following Schedule”. • Inside Set To AUTO SYSTEM HEAT Permanent Hold SCHED HOLD CLOCK SCREEN CANCEL M19960 3. Press Cancel key to cancel “Permanent Hold” and resume the schedule. VACATION HOLD Changes temperature setting for a designated number of days.

Press the Up and Down arrow keys to set the desired temperature while away on vacation. Notice that “Hold Temperature Until”.

• NOTE: Days Up and Down arrows appear for approximately seven seconds. Pressing just below Hold Temperature Until on the screen allows the Days Up and Down arrows to reappear. Inside Set To AUTO SYSTEM Hold Temperature HEAT Until DAYS SCHED CLOCK SCREEN CANCEL M19961. • Fan Schedule Press Fan key while in the Scheduling Screen to program the System Fan. Choices available from the Scheduling Screen: Auto (default position)—fan runs with equipment. Lotus Esprit Repair Manual.