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2015 Mazda Protege Owners Manual

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2015 Mazda Protege Owners Manual

Mazda is a Japanese automaker based in Japan. The company was founded in 1920 and has more than 37,000 employees. Mazda differentiated itself from other automakers in the 1960s by developing the Wankel rotary engine.

They have produced many different models throughout the years, with some remaining popular today. This includes the MX-5, RX-7, 3 and 6 models.

Their cars are well-known for their reliability and affordable price range. Mazda is also involved in motorsport, starting back in 1968 when they entered the Marathon de la Route at the Nurburgring. In the coming years they entered multiple other championships, and earned themselves numerous victories. In 1991, the Mazda four-rotor 787B won the Le Mans 24 Hours and their triumph remains unparalleled. If you want to handle your own DIY repairs, choose from our extensive range of Mazda repair manuals. They contain all the information and detail you need to effectively fine-tune and service your Mazda model.

303 WINDSHIELD...308 SPECIAL CAUTIONS FOAM FILLER Mazda advises that each pillar has a foam rubber filler inside to improve 1 Grille Assy¶ BC1M-50-710D-PT quietness. Take care not to cut and join in these areas.

If the foam rubber ¶White listed, Order by Application. • MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 J4 Passion Rose; PT Chaste White; SU Classic Red; GRILLE Cont’d SIGNAL LAMP VQ Noble Green; 29 Sparkle Green; 69 Solemn Blue; 4F Champagne Silver; 6Z Thunder Gray 8 Fastener, Moulding (b) R/L BC1M-50-715 SEDAN (b) Included w/Headlamp Moulding Assy. • MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 7 Cushion Assy, Rear R/L BC1M-56-78XA w/ A/C 1.5L Eng B6BF-15-811 8 Clip, Cushion¶ R/L UB39-56-741A 1.5L Eng 1.8L Eng BPD3-15-811 ¶Included w/Rear Cushion Assy Z501-15-035 7 Pipe, Condenser 95-96 BC1M-61-465 Canada-Serviced by Components 97-98 BC1M-51-465B 9 Latch, Hood BC1D-56-62X 1.8L Eng-Serviced by Components. • MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 A/C /HEATER Cont’d Sedan 'DX' Gray Metallic R/L BC4C-51-761-80 Silver Metallic R/L BC4C-51-761-85 'LX' Gray Metallic R/L BC5A-51-761-80 Silver Metallic R/L BC5A-51-761-85 'ES' Gray Metallic R/L BD0G-51-761-80 Silver Metallic R/L BD0G-51-761-85 'SE' Gray Metallic R/L N.A.

Silver Metallic R/L N.A. • MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 2 Actuator¶ BC1F-66-314 CRUISE CONTROL SYSTEM 3 Pipe, Vacuum¶ BC1F-66-361 4 Bracket, Actuator¶ BC1F-66-3A1A 1995-96 ¶Included w/Actuator Assy 5 Cable, Cruise BC1F-66-31Y 6 Computer, Cruise BC1F-66-320G WHEEL STEEL WHEEL w/Cruise Control BC5A-66-CS0 w/o Cruise Control BC5E-66-CS0 ¶Included w/Combination Switch Assy-listed in Steering. • MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 FRONT SUSPENSION Cont’d L B02B-34-350E 1997-98 R F066-25-500R-0C 1997-98 L F069-25-600R-0D 13' Wheels R B02B-34-300E Rotor, ABS Sensor¶ 3 Hub Assy R/L B01A-33-060A L B02B-34-350E 1.5L Eng R/L BC4C-33-471 4 Bolt, Hub¶ R/L B01Y-33-062 14' Wheels R BE7B-34-300A 1.8L Eng. • MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 1.8L Eng 1.5L Eng 1995-Serviced w/Intermediate Shaft Assy To 10-1-94 BC1D-32-683 1996-98 From 10-1-94-Not Applicable Man Trans FA08-25-741A 1.8L Eng BC1D-32-683 Auto Trans F047-25-741A 10 Pipe, Return 95-96 B01C-32-410C 10 Seal, Dust Outer (c) 95 G560-25-742 97-98 B01B-32-410. • MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 ENGINE/TRANS MOUNTS ENGINE/TRANS Cont’d 1.8L ENG 1.5L ENG Cont’d 1 Mount, Engine Front BC1F-39-060C Brkt, Front Engine Mount 2 Upper B02B-39-061 Lower Right Side 1.5L Eng BC1D-39-030D 1.8L Eng BC1F-39-030C Left Side 1.5L Eng BC1D-39-035A 1.8L Eng BC1F-39-035A 1 Cap Assy, Oil Filler¶. • MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 Sedan BATTERY 1995 Z544-40-100A 1996 Z544-40-100A 1997-98 w/Calif Emission Z544-40-100A w/o Calif Emission Z550-40-100B 1.8L ENG 1 Battery 0000-80-026R-WB Cable, Positive N.A. Cable, Negative BC1D-67-EW1B 2 Tray, Battery BC1D-56-040B 3 Nut, Clip 95-96 FA01-50-054 4 Bolt, Clamp.