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1993 Sea Doo Bombardier Gtx Manual

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Is in the right track. The FIRST thing you should have done is come here. You bought a bunch of stuff for nothing. Now.the first thing, and the most likely, is the MPEM. Go into the grey box and find the black/red wire (only one with a plastic cover thing) coming off the mpem and unhook it. That disables the rev limiter and the kill switches.

If it starts, rehook the wire up to kill it. You now know the MPEM is likely bad. From there you can take the kill switch/teather out of the mix by testing, but most likely its the MPEM.

If it doesnt have spark still, make sure the blk/red is still unhooked then you can take the white wire off the coil and put a test light to that wire and ground. If it flashes, your coil is still bad. If it doesnt flash, the Stator is bad.

Sea Doo Bombardier Gtx Manual

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I do have some MPEMs and stators stock if you need one. Honda & Minnetonka4me For You GREAT FAST RESPONSE To My Problem. I JUST PICKED UP THE SEADOO SP TODAY (Production Date 11/92) Title Says Its A 1993 587cc White Motor. It Has A Brand New Coil & Battery, BUT I Noticed That The Plug Wires Were Just Shoved In The Boot.. SHOULDN'T There Be The Center Wire Coming Out & Connected To The End To Make Contact? I'm Going To Start There Tomorrow ( SUNDAY ) This Jet Ski Needs Some Cosmetic Parts, AIR FILTER TOP BOLTS, CENTER FRONT BUMPER, COMPLETE REAR BUMPER TOP SECTION, SEAT, HOOD STRAPS, DECALS ( BOTH SIDES ) & FRONT HOOD, HAND GRIPS also. DOE THIS YEAR/MODEL Come With A GRAB BAR?

THANK YOU Again For All The Information, If The Coil Wire Fix Doesn't Work, I WILL FOLLOW YOUR INSTRUCTIONS & Follow Up Afterwards. Sincerely Paul ( Mr Mopar ). The spark plug boots screw on, to make sure you have good contact, un-screw the spark plug boots, cut off 1/4' of the spark plug cable and screw the boots back on, use a small cable tie to secure. I have a couple of suggestions: 1. Download a service manual for your ski, you can get one from this site if you join as a premium member, or you can just google for one.

Before you start doing a lot of work on this ski get a compression reading, it will give you a general idea of the condition of the engine. Remove the spark plug boots and ground them, cold engine, throttle open, ideal is 150psi, over 135 is O.K., 120 time for a rebuild.

Yep to the above. As far as the grab handle question. I don't think it did.

The 'Sp' has always been the base model, so it's generally stripped. But with that said. You can get the handle from the same style Xp, or Si (ebay) and bolt it on. Any of the square nose hull will work. (89 to about 94) Or. You can put a strap on the seat.

(that's normally enough) With a little love. The old hulls can look good, and they are fun to ride. (just not the fastest thing on the water) Here's my 91 Si after a little love. 2015 Vito Repair Manual here.