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1963 Rambler Service Manual

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1963 AMC Rambler Classic 770. Factory service manual. 1963 Rambler Classic 770, Rare 2 door V8, Classic, Muscle Car, Hot Rod, AMC. 1963 Rambler American Technical Service Manual (Rambler American Repair Manual) [No Author] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Overall good condition.

1963 AMC Rambler Classic 770 This is a heavily optioned 770 (the top of the line) that is completely unmolested. It is entirely stock except for safety items (brakes, seat belts, battery, hoses) radiator and muffler. The paint is original and shines. There are a few blemishes that I left as is because it just looks right.

1963 Rambler Service Manual1963 Amc Rambler For Sale

The chrome/stainless is in excellent condition. The car is rust free and retains the rust proofing treatment applied at the factory. The interior is all original and is near mint condition. Quicksilver 330 Manual on this page.

1963 Rambler For Sale

The car retains the original Oregon plates from 1963 and comes with owners manual and records, factory service manual, and a stack of receipts documenting all work performed since I took ownership. The engine is the same 195.6 aluminum block straight-six that came with the car in 1963. It is a rare engine that is very reliable and fuel efficient.

1963 Rambler Service Manual

I turned to the best classic car engine rebuilder in our area to completely refresh the engine. As a result, the car runs great and is comfortable cruising short and long distances. The 3-speed manual (three on the tree) transmission includes 'overdrive', making highway driving more comfortable.

With the recent rebuild, this car's engine is running as it should and with regular, easy to perform maintenance will last for many years. This is an honest car that draws lots of attention from people that appreciate a piece of American history. I took the car to a car show for makes no longer in production (Hudson, Packard, Rambler, etc.) and earned a Peoples Choice Honorable Mention. This car can be driven as-is for many enjoyable years. Or, for very little additional money could be brought up to concourse condition. Either way, this would be a solid investment for anyone that wants a classic car with style and function but doesn't want to spend big money.

Professionally Rebuilt: • Engine (complete rebuild) • Flywheel resurfaced • Fuel pump • Carburetor • Distributor New items: • Tires • Clutch • Brake master cylinder • Wheel cylinders • Brake hoses • Spark plug wires • Ignition Coil Spares: • Additional cylinder head (cleaned and magnufluxed) • Water pump • Shocks (1 pair) • Distributor • Spare tire • Owners Manual • Factory Service Manual • Documentation.