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02 Honda Cr85r Manual

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Homemade skidplate - Made a skid plate to protect the frame rails under the engine. The Honda-supplied protector only covers the frame at the front and leaves the lower rails exposed. If you are searched for a book 02 honda cr85r manual in pdf form, in that case you come on to the right website. We present utter edition of.

Does the monster torque of the YZ250F make it that much better than the light and snappy YZ125? (I would have said million dollar, but that’s inaccurate since that would be like pocket change here in the U.S. Bus Operator Control Manual. ) We have to dig a little deeper than what the media and government says. I think we all know that most motocross companies are pushing for the four-strokes because they are “eco-friendly” by not producing as much pollution as the two-strokes, as well as costing much more to repair because there are twice as many parts that can break. But for this battle we will totally scratch those opinionated facts out because they don’t mean a thing in the motocross realm. I have ridden Yamaha’s YZ250F’s and YZ125’s, and can say that they are two different kind of animals. Both Yamaha motocross bikes have plenty of power and will require some balls to ride fast, but are about as reliable as you can get as far as motocross bikes go.

Each bike has its ups and downs, but the question is, “which one is better overall?” Well you’ll have to wait until the next article after I do a little more research on these bikes. Just kidding.

2004 Cr85r

YZ125 Ahhh, the smell of pre-mix in the morning! Are two-strokes making a come-back? Well, I’ll cover that in a future article The YZ125 is a serious piece of art.

Honda Cr85 R For Sale

It’s been rated the number 125cc motocross bike in magazines and websites more than any other 125 two-stroke. The light-weight makes it flick-able, the raw horsepower begs it to be revved to the moon, and the suspension is top notch. There’s no question that this bike is ready to race right out of the box. Although you might have to re-jet the carburetor if you are riding in an extreme climate. How Does It Handle?

Pretty much any modern 125 two-stroke is going to handle well these days, and the YZ is no exception. The handling is among the best in its class. It will ride any berm and the front end will stick pretty well in those pesky ruts.

02 Honda Cr85r Manual

What I like about the 125 is that it has a really low center of gravity compared to the four-stroke, so it made it a lot easier to lay in down in the corners. I am a shorter rider (5’6”), so having a bike that handles well in corners is a must. The YZ125 felt comfortable to ride and cockpit was narrow while the 250F was a little more bulky. What’s The Suspension Like? You want good suspension? The YZ125 suspension set-up is great right off the showroom floor.

If you weigh more than 180 or less than 140 lbs then you might want to consider getting some softer and though. The stock suspension has really good bottoming resistance and can handle a lot. It feels great on any kind of obstacle. Although it may be a little mushy for A or pro riders. The forks soaked up most of the braking bumps and the bike was very controllable in the air and in the corners. It felt stable at all speeds.

What About the Engine? The engine may be the two-strokes’ greatest set-back against the 250f, but it is no slouch. Massey Ferguson 175 Service Manual. Any skilled rider will be competitive on this little ripper. The YZ125 may not have the torque that the 250F does, but it has the horsepower to make up for it.

02 Honda Cr85r Manual